Art Room
Oil;  Bover
Oil; Margaret B. Smith; "Ocean Scenes in Blue";
Watercolor;  R. Werner; 1953
Oil; Mary Botto
Oil, unsigned, Africa
Oil, unsigned
Min Naing Aung; Sand Painting; Myanmar
Cassandra Auker, watercolor, 2008
George Inswiler, Oil
Zlokovich, Chalk, Reno
Oil;  J. O. Tajonar; Mexico; 1950's
Watercolor;  K. Ehman; 1991
Oil; Nmet; Greece
Watercolor;  Haltenkwana
Oil; Fjahti; Qatar (Middle East)
Oil; Claudia Chaplain
Oil; Burnett
Oil; Emile
Oil; Todd
"Think Spring"
Oil; M. Kat; 1986
Oil, Smirnoff, Russia
Watercolor, Japan, unsigned
Oil; C. Lorzn, Paris
Oil, Henton III
Oil, Samuel Clarke, 1957
Oil, W. Minkin, Paris
Oil;  Etta
Cassandra Auker, watercolor / oil, 2008
Oil, Seelong, Paris
Oil, Banica
Oil, Cantwell
I've never believed in God, but I believe in Picasso.
      Diego Rivera
Dorit Beinusarich
The ZI Collection consists of nearly 100 paintings and photographs. Much of the work was created or acquired abroad.