Gallery Favorites:  Paintings / Photographs
Acrylic; Michaels
Brazil; for National Geographic Channel
Photograph, NYC
Oil;  Apple
Oil; unsigned, Argentina
Kashmir documentary Poster
Jellyfish lake, Palau
Petra, Jordan
Sailing in Papau New Guinea
Volcano boarding; Vanuatu
Painted by an elephant; Thailand
WildAid Mobile Unit; Cambodia
Street children breathing glue; Paraguay
First ever photograph; Mareki tribe; Vanuatu; 1995
V. Klauss; Oil (72 of 450); "Arriving"
Oil; Sarr; Senegal, West Africa
Kashmir; homeless refugee
Oil; Mintz, Paris
Buy old masters. They fetch a better price than
old mistresses.
Max Aitken (on his death bed)  
Treasure hunt in Guam
Oil, unsigned, San Francisco skyline
Oil; Suzanne Tobey, 1990
Hand photo of 3-hour old infant
Oil; Boren
The ZI Collection consists of nearly 100 paintings and photographs. Much of the work was created or acquired abroad.
Oil; unsigned; "The Church"
Oil; Maio
Oil; Stevens
Oil; Delong