Z    I    V    E    N    T    U    R    E    S
Film Assignments
Sailing The Way off the coast of Sudan, Africa for the
Travel Channel
Istvan Media's five stories on wildlife rescues in Spain, Cambodia,
Oregon, and California appeared on eight time Emmy-nominated
Animal Rescue TV, which airs weekends on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX,
and WB. The show also airs in 35 countries
News piece on the shamans and medicine women of
Paraguay went out through APTN.
Being interviewed in Los Angeles for GRB Entertainment's
Secrets of Travel Survival
Story on bomb diggers in Central Vietnam's
demilitarized zone (DMZ) showed on AOL Broadband.
Istvan Media has created numerous WildAid videos, including
WildAid Cambodia 2002, 2005, and WildAid Iraq.
Sail trip in the South Pacific was featured on Hungary's
Duna TV, which airs in five continents.
Footage of elelphants in Sri Lanka appeared on
Animal Planet.
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a preview of a TV
wolf story
Watch a National Geographic webcast. Zoltan Istvan takes you to
the heart of South America, where a shaman shares his esoteric
medicinal secrets. To view: click on the red button beow and type in
"Paraguay" in the National Geographic "video" SEARCH box.
Cameraman in Europe and North Africa for Eikosphere's
Eye of the Future II which premiered at COP 15 IMAX in
Copenhagan during UN Climate Change Conference
On assignment, filming Mt. Yasur in Vanuatu for the
National Geographic Channel
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Volcano Boarding story
Flashpoint Kashmir. Could the unthinkable happen tomorrow? Few other territories
on Earth pose so much danger to world peace. With nonstop fighting since 1949, it’
s the longest ongoing conflict in the world today. India and Pakistan--both nuke-
ready heavyweights--lay fierce claim to the territory. Between them over one
million soldiers straddle the Line of Control.

Journalist Zoltan Istvan is traveling alone in the region--trying to capture the story
of the 12 million Kashmiris who forge their lives in a land beset by fifty years of war
and terrorism.
Award winning feature length documentary on Kashmir.
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2-minute highlight video and
full site:
Official Selection
Vermont International
Film Festival
Burlington, VT
Best Documentary
B-Movie Film Festival
Syracuse, NY
Istvan Media
Watch a National Geographic "On Assignment" webcast:
Cromo--the Iberian Lynx
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the webcast
Click below to watch
this story on
bomb diggers
Zoltan Istvan interviewed about endangered
wildlife on BBC Radio