Dear Reader,

Unfortunately, sometime in 2018 National Geographic took down all the articles I wrote from
approximately 10-20 years ago. They have done the same to thousands of other stories by many
journalists. Sadly, I do not know if they will reappear. Below are screen shots from the caches I could
find of some of my 50 stories for Nat Geo during my 20s. They don’t include the entire articles, nor
any of the pictures I took with the stories. A few Nat Geo slides are below that go with the stories.
Many of my Nat Geo articles also went out through
The New York Times Syndicate, so they are on a
different page. With enough digging, I suspect all these stories below can be found copy and pasted
somewhere on the internet, etc. But for posterity, here’s some screen shots of the Nat Geo articles
now. Email me if you need more.

Zoltan Istvan / August 2018